Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pip without Woezel & WIP

Are you wondering what is going on in my crochet studio?...........
At the moment I am working on two new projects.

The first is an order for a baby gift.
It's always nice when a customer gives you a bit of freedom to create something and trusts you will come up with something fantastic and original.

This time I was only told "She likes Woezel & Pip. Can you do something with that?"
"Yes of course. I love a challenge!" was my reply.
For those of you who do not live in The Netherlands, you probably don't know who they are. Woezel and Pip is an animated series based on the very popular children's books of the two sweetest dogs in the world.

My preference went to Pip (the yellow dog). I choose bright and gender neutral colors as we don't know if it's going to be a boy or girl. 
I found a free amigurumi pattern for Pip by Sabrina Somers and adjusted it a bit by adding a heart and little granny square blanket he is holding.

Also a small detail ... the original Pip has a small heart on his bottom.

The second project still needs to remain a secret. Why you ask?
Simply because the person to receive it reads my blog, so I can't tell you all to much about it. ;-)
But when the time comes I will show and tell you all. I promise!

As for now just a few photo's to make it even more mysterious.

What is going to be and maybe more importantly, who is it for?

What's keeping you busy these days?
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  1. Love the little dog and I can't wait to see your secret project :)

  2. he is so adorable and love all the bright cheery colors!

  3. Your dog is so cute, looking forward to seeing your secret project, thank you for linking to the stash party. :)

  4. Your dog looks so sweet <3

    Can you link it on my Amigurumi-Love Linkparty: http://bit.ly/Amigurumi-Love

    greetings Nephi

  5. Dear Esther, Little Pip and his blanket is beautiful. Can you tell us which yarn and colors you used for his blanket. Its so pretty. Because Pip and his blankie was a special order you may not be able to. But he's beautiful.

    1. Thanks Wee little Owl! I'm happy to share! But I'm afraid lots of you won't be able to buy this yarn as it is only sold at a store here in Holland. So for the Dutchies.... I used Supersoft Basic from the Zeeman. In the colors light yellow & yellow for Pip and bright orange, green and white for the blanket.


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