About me

Hi and a very warm welcome! I'm glad you stopped by. I started this blog because I have been inspired by many others and I would like to share some of my creative passions with you.
My name is Esther de Boer, but you can call me Es! I live with my boyfriend and our daughter in the Netherlands, although I do have some Texan spirit in my blood because I was born in Houston and spent most of my childhood growing up there.
During my childhood, I was always creative spending most of my time drawing, coloring and painting. I just loved my crayons and color-by-number paintings as a kid!
Later on, inspired by my mom, I started knitting and sewing my own clothes, cross stitching and even did some quilting. And now finally I have fallen in love with the art of crochet!
I used to think crochet was very old fashioned, but found out that it wasn't at all.

Besides this blog I have opened up my own Etsy shop where I sell all the creations I make. I like to accommodate both worlds - patterns & DIY kits for those who love to be creative themselves and ready-made designs for those who appreciate and admire handmade items.   

Hope you get inspired by my posts and spread the word.
Creativity is contagious pass it on.......!

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