Thursday, December 31, 2015

Two sided Christmas stocking

Yes finally! I finished my daughter's Christmas stocking.
Ok..... a little late but it's finished! It only took me a few days, but I had the idea of making a stocking ever since my daughter's first Christmas in 2012.
I still have my Christmas stocking which my mom made when I was a little girl and each Christmas I got to hang it by the fireplace. It brings back a lot of happy memories. Now we can hang our stockings together.........

When looking for some inspiration I came across a pattern for a distressed gingerbread man, which made me laugh. I thought it was cute but it did not fit my daughter's requirements; it has to be pink, pink, a little bling and oh yeah did I mention PINK!

So then I decided to make a stocking with two different sides to suit both our preferences.

Distressed Gingerbread man
Pink with a little bling

some details

Now all I have to do is make an advent calendar.  Hope I will be finished by Christmas next year!

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