Monday, October 19, 2015

Branding handmade products..... buttons & labels

In my search on the world wide web for new ways on how to brand my handmade creations I came across these items and thought I would share them with you all.

Wooden buttons
I found these wooden buttons at WolcafĂ© and immediately got excited. This is exactly what I was looking for!

They come in different sizes and you can choose from a selection of several ready made phrases. To name a few;
Crochet is the new yoga.
Keep calm and be creative.
Handmade is happiness
......and lots more!

Soon you will be able to order buttons with your own logo or personal message. And that's what caught my eye!
After contacting the shop, I was lucky enough to order buttons with my shop name and a little crochet hook on them. Aren't they cute? Thanks Leonie, I love how they turned out!

Just perfect for that finishing touch! 

Glued to the leg of my mollie flower stool
Crocheted baby blanket
Stored in a nice glass jar I found at the thrift shop

Looking for labels?
Nominette has a great website where you can design your own labels.
 I chose a cream colored background and gold letters, which goes well with the fox scarfs I make.
Also like the text I put on the back of the labels ;-)
If you don't have the budget or are just crazy about crafting, there are also some great ways to make your own labels.
Check out these great DIY tutorials and different methods....
1. Mippoos labels Using computer, printer, transfer paper and cotton ribbon.
2. Gras tussen je tenen kledinglabels. (in Dutch) Using computer, printer, transfer paper and fabric.
3. See Kate sew Order printed fabric from Spoonflower and sewing machine.
4. Kojo designs: fabric labels. Using logo template, fabric, fabric pen and sewing machine.
I will definitely try some of these methods for future projects. It's a nice way to have a matching label for your craft.
Happy crafting!

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