Sunday, October 4, 2015

#MandalasforMarinke & sunshine

Mandala in the sun
Hello again, it's been awhile......I've been away on a short break, enjoying family and lots of sunshine on Cyprus. And of course I brought my crochet project with me!

As I told you earlier, I wanted to make a mandala in honor of Wink and to help raise awareness about depression. I too have been suffering from depression and stress the last couple of years and I finally took the first step and reached out for help. Being creative and making things with my hands helps and this blog will also be a way to express my thoughts and share my creative items.

Looking through Wink's many beautiful mandala patterns, I made my choice. This one caught my eye because it reminded me of the sun. Sunlight brightens your mood. Just about everyone, regardless of whether or not they suffer from depression, feels better when the sun comes out. Because I was on Cyprus at the time I let the sunshine guide me with my color choices.

It turned out to be a bright and cheerful mandala.
Here is a list of the yarns and colors I used (from left to right):
  • Phil Coton 3 color 0049 Craie
  • Phil Coton 3 color 0052 Azalee
  • Phil Coton 3 color 0062 Poudre all by Phildar
  • SMC Catania Fine color 1020 Jade by Schachenmayr

I hope it will bring a smile to someone's face.

For the finishing and personal touch I added a wooden button with my artist name, stitchES, on it. I will post more about where I purchased these buttons shortly.
As for now I wish you all lots of happiness & sunshine!

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